10 SECRET AREAS You Shouldn't Miss in Open World Games

Some hidden areas in video games are really worth finding for cool surprises or beneficial secret rewards. Here are some of our favorites.
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Shadow of the Colossus garden:

0:00 INTRO
0:15 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
1:32 Fallout 4
3:06 Red Dead Redemption 2
4:23 GTA 5
5:34 Just Cause 4
6:45 Far Cry 4
8:05 Far Cry 5
9:05 Dead Rising 2
10:11 Dying Light
11:16 Shadow of Colossus


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you get a like for every video you do a timestamp

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Also some info that I noticed he left out about the Alien Blaster in FO4, you can upgrade your weapon to use energy cells if you run out of AB rounds

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I'd argue for Shadow Of The Colossus (the PS4 Remake anyway) a better Secret is that New Cave they added in, I believe it was somewhat a way of the Developers acknowledgement of the countless Hours over YEARS of players searching for a Hidden "17th" Colossus (I can't remember how many are in the game atm) and you gotta do some really hidden "what the fuck" kinda stuff to get it open and I believe there is a new Sword within… Pretty cool Extra/Secret that Bluepoint added in 👍

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Pretty sure the blue dude in Just Cause 4 is a reference to green man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They do the same dance.

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Colin Munro

One of my favourite secret areas in video games is Divine Sanctuary in Xenoblade Chronicles. It's not hard to find and is even required to visit for a side quest, but it is a gorgeous vista.

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UNSC 2003

Waiting for the nier stuff 👌

There is no nier stuff 🙁

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Its kinda a stretch to add to this list but archdragon peak in dark souls 3 comes to mind. Having to use a specific gesture to get an entire new area, pretty good

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Forgot the other thing regarding Excalibur in AC:Valhalla – could have easily been added as a side-note to the Excalibur thing 🙂
You need it for yet another secret weapon involving a special location (and time), that involved clues hidden throughout the game and the physical collectors edition of the game (think that was the edition, at least).

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So basically things that's going to make you go watch YouTube videos I wonder if Google is paying for these to be added to the games?

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Sam LeeRoy

I was expecting the secret cow level from diablo 2 to be there but fair

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Corrine Villafuerte


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you forgot about the secret area in Vice City with the easter egg lol

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I wonder how many people would have found Archdragon Peak in Dark Souls 3 without internet. I literally finished the game twice, without guides… and then decided to secret hunt the whole adventure (the third time) and was AMAZED I never found this awesome, huge (and maybe my favorite) area in the game.

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Raphael Kox

I love how Falcon finds new ways to bash DW9 at every opportunity and i'm all for it!

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Favorite Mustard

@4:04 Bill Shatman, is that you?


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its 2021 get over the Dyinglight piper secret already, you've already spoke about it a thousand times

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Shady Jesus

Damn, I did find and did the little course on Dying Light, but I never knew about the Pyza Suit

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gabriel fedalto

the real creepy thing in that stash from Far Cry 5 is that figure peeking on the window after you turn the thing on at 8:33

saw that in my first time playing it and I was terrified

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blip trip

Thanks forthe timestamps

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WHAT? No Witcher 3 mention???? Wow!

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Austin Jurgle

IIRC, the secret garden in Shadow of the Colossus has a very powerful sword. You need to beat the game 3-5 times, eat all the fruit, and that allows you to pull out the sword that's in the garden.

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Dragan Radic

Omg,such a piece of sh*t

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Armin D

Falcon: gaem

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You got the wrong secret for shadow Colossus there is even more secret local! There is a room that can only be unlocked if you collected all the mysterious sparks around the world which then opens a door with a throne inside and a sword

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Where is the cow level from diablo?

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Cant wait to play Far Cry 6

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kit flint

Best unmarked hidden places are in Sacred. And yes I am dying on that hill.

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I used stealth to sneak in and watch that alien for a while. Started to feel really sorry for him. He genuinely looks lost and scared. But then, these guys might have been the ones who triggered the Great War, so … aand I have a mod that allows one to make ammo, including stuff for his gun, soooo ……

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Kevin Szekeres

Someone should explain to you secret areas in video games……don’t have obvious paths you’re supposed to take….. #3 dr 2……seriously that’s the example you use……not like there’s a THOUSAND DIFFERENT THINGS you have to actually go out of your way to find certain weapons,combo cards zombrex to actually look for to find in that game……ok

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Enius Penius

FarCry5 rule no.1: Never miss Prepper Stash

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Gaming Lounge

Proffessioneel !

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Why is no elder scrolls games on this list

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Drew Carroll

Dying Light and Skyrim have my favorite secrets!

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Shamim Arafat Rocky

captions are out of sync!!

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Optical Beast

I use a modded Fallout 4, and I have a mod that adds quite a bit of weapon customization and you are able to just swap ammo types with any ammo, even railway spikes if you ant

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Miss Multi-Console

So cool how there are so many hidden places i definitely want to find some of these places.

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