Death of a Game: Phantasy Star Online

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Editor’s note: We’re dealing with a very old game here. A lot of the footage won’t be good quality. Some of it was recorded on VHS!

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#DOAG . Death of a Game is a series dedicated to uncovering the mysteries surrounding the death of a game or company. nerdSlayer defines the term “death” in the context of the show as either… 1. Literally dead. 2. Had a mass exodus of players and never recovered (expectations etc). 3. The company ceased to exist. We follow a timeline of events, to uncover clues concerning why a game or company doesn’t do well, and attempt to put it all together at the end for a deduction explaining how or why the game failed based on the evidence gathered.


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  1. Playing PSO in 2021 is definitely worth it, on pc you can add a lot of enhancements to make the game even better. I started with PSU and PSO2 but went back to PSO after and it was absolutely worth my time, absolutely legendary game I'll never forget

  2. PSO was really revolutionary when it first came out on DC. I never played it because I didn't have a modem on my DC and I was playing Asheron's Call but just having that sort of online coop on console was the stuff of dreams back then.
    Now we have it and we just want split screen to come back!

  3. A couple of months ago we had a game night down in my house and someone saw my copy of this game so we hooked up my ole dreamcast and showed the guys this game. Still awesome today even if I only play it in single player.

  4. This was a great and uplifting video. That said, I wish when its successors were brought up that Phantasy Star Zero for the Nintendo DS got a mention, just for being the successor that felt most similar to the original. Sadly design issues and the restrictive online gameplay of the DS ultimately meant it could never be as good. But it still has a place in my heart for being where I got into the series, and it makes me wish there would be another attempt at returning to that classic style.

  5. As soon as the PSO theme song started playing in your video, a tear of nostalgia welled up in my eye. Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast was the game that launched my life long passion for online games. I loved the game so much that I bought a second Dreamcast to continue playing it when a telephone line outside my house blew up and fried my Dreamcast's modem… While I was playing PSO! Great video nS!

  6. Thank you so much for covering this.
    PSO often gets forgotten in the conversation of online games from the early 2000s. Happy more people might discover this beautiful game through your video.

  7. PSO is very near and dear to me, and I love NS's videos, so I feel obligated to pull a Comic Book Guy and "well ackshully" with a few friendly corrections 🙂

    * The level cap in V1 was 100, not 50.
    * Casts can't be any class – they notably cannot cast Techniques at all, so they cannot be Forces.
    * The vast majority of weapons only have two attack types – light and heavy. Only weapons with special properties or certain rares have the third, Special attack type (and 90% of the time you won't use them at all because most are garbage).
    * PSU has an offline mode just like PSO (and even a private server!). So even if you didn't play it "back in the day" you could still experience it now.
    * PSU couldn't have been inspiration for Monster Hunter, considering the franchise was already two (more of you count ports/updates) games deep before PSU released. If anything it's the other way around.
    * While New Genesis certainly came quick, PSO2 was playable in English for over a year before the announcement, so it wasn't exactly instant. The games also coexist with you using the same character between both, so it's not like it's a full replacement either.

    Love your vids, man, just my grumpy old ass having way too much love for this franchise showing through!

  8. I’m about as old as you are (going by the context clues in this episode at least) but I only got into this franchise with the global launch of PSO2. I kinda wish I got into it as a kid since science fantasy is my jam but I wouldn’t have been able to play it LMAO. My first foray into online gaming was through the Wii of all things. The extra effort to go online with a game system back then would have required a ton of persistent begging. I did have loads of fun on PSO2 during the pandemic (800 hours and all classes at max!) but NGS just makes me do dailies and I even quit my premium subscription. Hell, sometimes I just login daily and not even that. I love NGS, I just wish there was something to do, is all. I heard it described as “an ocean with the depth of a puddle” and it’s so true.

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