Techniques to Run the Game Online – Mastering En-ROADS Training Series 2021

This video is part of Module 7, “The Climate Action Simulation”, in the Mastering En-ROADS Training Series (2021). This module covers the different elements that come together for the En-ROADS group role-playing game, the Climate Action Simulation (CAS). The Climate Action Simulation game is a unique group experience which allows participants to adopt the roles of international, multi-sector stakeholders as they forge their way towards a global climate action plan.

Mastering En-ROADS is a free training program created by Climate Interactive using tools co-developed with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative. The training will advance your understanding of both the En-ROADS Simulator and its complementary learning experiences. The course explores the dynamics driving our climate and energy system, climate solutions, facilitation techniques, themes of equity and justice, event planning, and more. By signing up for this course you can join a vibrant community of educators, policymakers, activists, professionals, community organizers, and students who are running En-ROADS events to deliver insights and cultivate climate leadership worldwide.

To learn more and sign up for the Mastering En-ROADS Training Program, please visit:

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